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The American church is made up of many varied groups, depending on origin, divisions, changing relationships. One of these was the Augustana Lutheran Church, founded by Swedish Lutheran immigrants and maintaining an independent existence from 1860 to 1962 when it became a part of a larger Lutheran community, the Lutheran Church of America. The character of the Augustana Church can be studied from different viewpoints. In this volume Dr. George Hall describes it as a missionary church. It was born out of a missionary concern in Sweden for the thousands who had emigrated. As soon as it was formed it began to widen its field. Then its representatives were found in India, Puerto Rico, in China. The horizons grew to include Africa and Southwest Asia.

Table of Contents:

Introduction / Conrad Bergendoff – Acknowledgement – The Augustana Synod: A Product of Missions – India and the General Council – College Missionary Societies: The Knanishus – Emmy Carlson Evald: The Woman’s Missionary Society -- G. Sigfrid Swensson: Puerto Rico – August William Edwins: The China Foreign Missionary Society – Ralph D. Hult: Sudan – Tanganyika and World War I – George Nathanael Anderson: Iramba-Turu, Tanganyika – Richard Reusch: Orphaned German Missions After World War II -- The Zam Zam: Missionaries for Africa in Wartime -- S. Hjalmar Swanson: Executive Secretary, Board of Foreign Missions – Ernest Weinhardt: South American Prayer League – Paul and Jonathan Lindell: World Mission Prayer League – Hiroshima and Nagasaki: The New Age – John L. Benson: Lutheran Church of China in Hong Kong – Rueben Lundeen: The Basel Self-Established Church of North Borneo – George L. Olson: Japan Evangelical Lutheran Church – Dr. Chung-An Chin: Taiwain: Lutheran Church of China; Malaya – Paul Hubert Benson: Uruguay – Elmer Reinhold Danielson: Lutheran Church of Northern Tanganyika: The Lutheran World Federation – Melvin Adolph Hammarberg: Emergent Lutheran Unity – Donald Cecil Flatt: The School of Missions, Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago – Rudolph Carl Burke: Merger Decisions – Augustana and Missionary Literature: Knanishu to Anders Hanson – David Luther Vikner: Lutheran Church in American – The Beginnings Viewed a Century Later – Appendix – Bibliography – Index



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Lutheran Church Missions, Augustana Evangelical Lutheran Church


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The Missionary Spirit in the Augustana Church



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