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Excerpt from Foreword:

Several of the essays in this volume focus upon persons who came to live in a new world intellectually as well geographically. Others are concerned directly with the movement of ideas across the Atlantic. Heretofore the Augustana Historical Society has devoted its publications almost exclusively to the Scandinavian-American milieu. This volume enlarges the field of the society's concern by including certain aspects of English and German intellectual history. The writers have responded to contemporary trends in immigration historiography with its emphasis upon the role of the immigrant in the intellectual as well as the social history of Europe and America.

Table of Contents:

Forward / C. W. Sorensen -- Introduction -- On the meaning of faith in the Great Awakening and the Methodist Revival / Ross Paulson -- Jacob Letterstedt and Nordic cooperation / Franklin Scott -- High churchmen in a hostile world / Thomas Tredway -- O. E. Hagen, a pioneer Norwegian-American scholar / Theodore C. Blegen -- The role of Augustana in the transplanting of a culture across the Atlantic / Conrad Bergendoff -- Ernst Skarstedt : a unique and free spirit / Emory Lindquist -- Edward Price Bell : Anglo-American spokesman, 1914-1917 / Benedict Karl Zobrist -- Wilson and Gladstone : Perils and parallels in leadership / James Iverne Dowie -- Fissures in the melting pot / Carl Wittke -- Sweden in the American social mind of the 1930s / Merle Curti -- Recollections of a childhood and youth / O. Fritiof Anders -- One does not say goodbye to Gendalen / Betsy Brodahl -- Bibliography of the published writings of Dr. O. Fritiof Anders / Ernest M. Espelie.

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Digitized in honor of Ross Paulson. Digitization sponsored by Michel and Karen Clark.

The Immigration of Ideas: Studies in the North Atlantic Community, Essays Presented to O. Fritiof Ander



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