Production Title

Pinocchio Commedia


Johnny Simons


Aclecchino/Cricket: Rowan Crow

Pantalone/Geppeto: Rami Halabi

Razullo/Fox: Luke Currie

Beltrano/Cat: Jessica Holzknecht

Pulcinella/Puppet Master: Austin Allbert

Pedrolina/Donkey and a Fool: Sage Shemroske

Columbina/Spirit: Natalie Brown

Pinocchio: Aubrey Lyon

Production Staff

Director: Jackie Wynes McCall

Technical Director, Sound Designer: Andy Gutshall

Scenic Designer: Emma Brutman

Costume Designer: Rowan Crow

Lighting Designer: Jake Phillips

Stage Manager: Elizabeth Kritikos

Dramaturg: Joe Oliger

Costume Shop Supervisor: Ellen Dixon

Props Master: Emma Brutman

Assistant Stage Manager: Madison Mortensen

Light Board Operator: Tawanda Mberikwazyo

Costume/Makeup Crew: Alyssa Graffy, Hadley Karrick

House Manager: Debo Balogun

Poster Design: Quan Vi

Set Construction: Cam Best, Emma Brutman, Amanda Caputi, Morgan Clark, Corbin Delgado, Monica Gil, Lauren Heiberger, Lauren Imhoff, Ryan Janusz, Jacob Kilburg Samuel Langellier, Justin MacNaught, Rose Mary Peterson

Costume Construction: Rowan Crow, Emilee Droegmiller, Allyson Jesse, Amanda Kramer, Margaret Stadtwold



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This Harlequinade version of Pinocchio is one of his theatre’s most successful productions. Simons uses the original Italian commedia names, such as Arlecchino, who later became the French Harlequin. The name “Pinocchio” may be spoken with its Italian pronunciation as pee-no-kee-o. In true commedia fashion, this wild and uninhibited play begins with a troupe of strolling players exploding into the theatre with their noisy props and crude scenery. Arlecchino plays a Cricket; Pantalone plays Geppetto; Razullo, a fox; Beltrama, a cat; Pulcinella, the wicked puppet master; Pedrolina, a donkey and a fool; Columbina, a spirit and Pinocchio plays himself. The commedia flavor gives the story vigor and makes it entertainment for adults as well as children without losing the charm and significant message of Collodi’s famous story.

Performance Dates

September 26-27, 2015


Potter Theatre


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Pinocchio Commedia


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