Augustana Teaching Museum of Art

Director: Claire Kovacs

The Augustana Teaching Museum of art provides our communities with meaningful opportunities to utilize art as a window into critical thinking, a mode of posing questions, a way of materializing ideas and a mechanism to catalyze conversations between and across disciplines. By bringing the visual arts to the heart of the Augustana experience and seeking to better understand the world through the medium of visual art, the collections, study spaces, exhibitions and programming are used to provoke curiosity, inquiry and collaborative learning, as well as provide a mechanism for insight and contemplation.

Fair Use Statement: This website is intended as an educational resource only, and no monetary gain will be generated from it. The works on this site are reproduced based on the College's assessment of fair use of copyrighted works, as outlined by the College Art Association's Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for the Visual Arts. If you are the copyright holder for a work illustrated on this website, and have questions about its use, please email us.


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