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PlantBot Genetics Inc. presents an engaging overview of second shift pollinators such as the moth, along with recent advances in self-pollinating robo-plants. The Moth Project highlights inspired responses to the decline of the honeybee and the hope that Moths and PlantBots will step in and save the day.

As consumers, we no longer know the real price of our food. Present food distribution systems are so complicated that it is unrealistic to expect consumers will make responsible choices based on the knowledge at hand. We encourage people to think more about their food, where it comes from, and where it may be going. PlantBot Genetics shares the remote control in the ArtLab, releases robotic plants, commandeers public spaces, offers mothing events, and plants a night blooming community garden. Whether it be a street, museum, or gallery based event, our goal is to inspire people to question the food they eat and how it got there in an entertaining and artistic way. Having an out of gallery experience is often more memorable and can speak to a much wider audience. Our street tactics bring art and education into a community despite the level of support for healthy food or art culture in that particular location.

Exhibition Date

March 9 through April 2, 2016


Art and Design | Biotechnology | Food Science | Interactive Arts | Plant Sciences

PlantBot Genetics Presents: The Moth Project


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