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66˚ 33' is the latitude of the Arctic and Antarctic Circles, and this exhibition considers these geographic areas as inspiration for the visual arts. In addition, it utilizes the visual arts as a mode by which to encourage viewers to more deeply engage with the planet’s most northerly and southerly regions. It considers the issues, history and environment of the regions, spanning media, process and subject – from the figural to the abstract, tactile to sound, analog to digital.

This exhibition was a collaboration with the Augustana Center for Polar Studies.


ARTISTS: Michael Bartalos, Cape Dorset Prints from the Augustana Teaching Museum of Art collections, Lisa Goren, Jonathan Harris, Morten Hilmer, Ben Huff, Andrea Polli, Oona Stern, William Stout

Exhibition Date

November 18, 2016 through February 10, 2017


Augustana College, Polar Studies


Art and Design | Earth Sciences | Glaciology


Note: Gallery booklets (We created two versions of a booklet with the same content. One features the Arctic on the cover, with the Antarctic on the back cover. The other is the inverse.)

All photos courtesy of the Augustana Photo Bureau

Art Above 66° 33'


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