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Bailey Kerschieter


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These landscape paintings are representatives of the "past," "present," and "future." Although all three paintings appear to be futuristic, they still tell a story of moving from one time period into another. The theme of this show was inspired by a Robert Frost quote: "In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on." Each landscape consists of trees because they are known to be representative of life and growing.

Over time, because of the human footprint on the planet, we caused trees and other like-organisms to die. So, humans decided to create structures to resemble trees but had to find a way to also disperse air through the structure (hence the mushroom-like trees where air is made, filtered, and dispersed through the bottom of each mushroom-like cap). The idea of the trees/like organisms dying and being rebuilt throughout time can also be representative of hardship that we all go through during life (dying trees) and the process of building ourselves back up again, adding new qualities to ourselves (new mushroom-like trees). The reasoning behind this choice of theme was because it can speak to a large audience, and it can represent the ongoing process of life: how it drags you down and brings you back up again (it goes on).

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Augustana College