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Tyler James


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The intent of my senior project was to explore and bring awareness to the influence negative emotions can have on dreams. I created objects in a variety of scenes demonstrating types of fears that we can have, and the resulting effects. I also show that dreams, just like stories, can be interpreted differently depending on the viewer. In order to add a story-like element to my project, I created a ball as the "main character" in each scene, which is shown dealing with the fears they have. Some fears that they have to face are associated with family, death, separation, loneliness, and restriction. In order to help the viewers interpret what they see, I included minimal narration. The narration incorporated titles that show up between each of the scenes to introduce them to the main idea.

Fear is something that we have to deal with throughout our entire lives. However, just because fear has a stigma attached to it, does not mean that it is entirely bad. Fear, just like love or hatred, is a powerful emotion that can drive us to accomplish great things. I associate fear with dreams because fear is not something that most people enjoy talking about. Instead, we may experience fear subconsciously, in our dreams or nightmares.

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Augustana College