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Jacob Soukup


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These recent paintings explore the presence of excitement, energy, and adrenaline rush one can capture in a moment. Oil paints have a quality that can make a painting come to life. This lifelike quality is exactly what I strive to capture in a way that allows the viewer to put themselves inside the painting.

The inspiration for these paintings came from my own experiences of adventure and risk taking. The use of foreshortening and distortion help give the figures a sense of energy and create movement throughout the composition. By portraying the various situations through a warped lens, I believe that it draws the viewer in to question what is going on in the painting.

As a result from viewing my paintings, I hope to inspire the viewer to feel the urge to go out and try something new and exciting. If they are not the type of person to partake in activities like these, then I wish to have them feel a sense of anxiety or unease. This sensation is desired because as a result the viewer is fully interested and engaged with the work to a point that it triggers their emotions. I feel that if you are touched on that level, then my work has truly come to life.

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Augustana College