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Winter 1-27-2020


Bioinformatics | Biology | Cell Biology | Genetics | Microbiology | Molecular Biology | Molecular Genetics

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The recent emergence of antibiotic resistance bacterial strains presents a significant challenge and threat to human healthcare. While new methods of treatment such as bacteriophage therapy and combinations of existing antibiotics are being researched, the human population is in dire need of new antibiotics to replace those that are ineffective. This research addresses this need by identifying antibiotic producing bacteria in a soil sample from Davenport, IA. This project is a collaboration with the Tiny Earth Project Initiative (TEPI), which is a global network of educators and students focused on studentsourcing antibiotic discovery from soil. Microbiology lab techniques and 16S rRNA gene sequencing were used to isolate and identify antibiotic producing bacteria as Bacillus and Pseudomonas.

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