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Winter 1-28-2020


Biology | Molecular Biology

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There is a series antibiotic crisis in the world with catastrophic consequences if action is not take. Many diseases caused by bacteria are becoming untreatable because of the amount of pathogens resistant to the effect of antibiotics. The most prolific bacteria are the ESKAPE bacteria. They are nonsocomial pathogens that exhibit multi-drug resistance and virulence. My project will be working alongside the Tiny Earth Project (TEPI) to educate the public about the antibiotic crisis as well as obtaining a soil sample to possible discover new antibiotics. The DNA sequencing data retrieved from soil isolates against the two ESKAPE tester strains E. coli, and B. subtilis suggest that both soil isolates are from the same genus Pseudomonas. The future direction of the project will be to isolate the antibiotic within the bacteria by means of separation. Once isolated and separated, NMR and X-ray crystallography will be done to analyze the exact chemical structure of the possible antibiotic producer. If a new antibiotic is found, further assays will be conducted to determine if it is viable in vivo.