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In this project we investigated the biological function of the genes b3725, b3726, b3727, b3728 and Mrub_2518, Mrub_2519, Mrub_2520 and Mrub_2521 (KEGG map number 02010). We predict that these genes encode the components of a Phosphate ABC transporter: Orthologous genes Mrub_2518 (DNA coordinates 2565359..2566438) and b3728 encodes the periplasmic phosphate binding component; Orthologous genes Mrub_2519 (DNA coordinates 2566499..2567485) and b3727, and Mrub_2520 (DNA coordinates 2567496..2568326) and b3726 encode for the two transmembrane proteins; Orthologous genes Mrub_2521 (DNA coordinates 2568338..2569159) and b3725 encode for the ATP binding protein within the cytoplasm. Within the two species, M. ruber and E. coli, the four respective genes are operons and make up the pst system. The four parts of the system work together to transfer a single inorganic phosphate ion from the periplasmic space into the cytoplasm of the cell. This project is part of the Meiothermus ruber genome analysis project, which predicts gene function using the bioinformatics tools collected under the umbrella of the Guiding Education through Novel Investigation –Annotation Collaboration Toolkit (GENI-ACT).

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