BIOL-375: Molecular Genetics

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Winter 2-13-2019


Bioinformatics | Biology | Computational Biology | Genomics | Molecular Genetics

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This project is part of the Meiothermus ruber genome analysis project, which uses a collection of online bioinformatics tools to predict gene function. We studied the biological activity of the Mrub_3018 gene, which we hypothesize is orthologous to E. coli gene B2759. We predicted that Mrub_3018(DNA coordinates 3057916… 3058524) encodes the protein CasB. CasB is a protein in the CRISPR CASCADE that will function as a structural protein. When the rest of the proteins form an “S” formation CasB will connect the front and back of the “S” creating a back bone for the structure. It will help bind DNA while other proteins like Cas3 degrade the protein. The hypothesis was proven by identical hits in KEGG, COG, Pfam, TIGRfam, and PDB, as well as similar location(Cytoplasm) found using PSORT-B, PRED and TMHMM. The genes were also found to be part of an operon as they were flanked by genes that are in the CRISPR system.

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Adding Histidine tag to E.coli and M .ruber ProC