BIOL-375: Molecular Genetics

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Student Paper

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Winter 2-13-2019


Bioinformatics | Biology | Computational Biology | Genomics | Molecular Genetics

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This project is part of the Meiothermus ruber genome analysis project, which uses a collection of online bioinformatics tools to predict gene function. We investigated the biological function of the gene Mrub_3015, which we hypothesize is a component of the CRISPR-Cas prokaryotic defense system. We predict that Mrub_3015 (DNA coordinates 3055550...3056245) encodes the the CRISPR-associated protein cas5, which is integral in maintaining the crRNA-DNA structure, keeping the complex from base pairing with the target phage DNA. Our hypothesis is supported by identical hits for Mrub_3015 and b2527 to the KEGG, Pfam, TIGRfam, CDD and PDB databases as well as a low E-value for a pairwise NCBI BLAST comparison. Both protein products are predicted to be localized in the cytoplasm. Finally, both proteins share numerous highly conserved amino acids, when compared to the consensus sequence of Pfam domains PF09704, PF18019, and PF00270.

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