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This project is part of the Meiothermus ruber genome analysis project, which uses a collection of online bioinformatics tools to predict gene function. We investigated the biological function of mrub_3013 and the nature of its relationship with mrub_1477 and mrub_0224. We hypothesized that mrub_3013 is orthologous to b2755 in E. coli K12 MG1655 (a.k.a. cas1). We predict that mrub_3013 encodes the enzyme Cas1, which is involved in spacer acquisition in the CRISPR-Cas prokaryotic defense system. Our hypothesis is supported by identical hits for b2755, mrub_3013, mrub_1477, and mrub_0224 from the CDD and Pfam databases and highly similar hits from the TIGRfam and PDB databases, as well as low E-values for pairwise NCBI Protein Blast comparisons. We predicted that mrub_3013 would have a paralogous relationship with mrub_1477 and mrub_0224. While mrub_3013, mrub_1477, and mrub_0224 are all clearly cas1 genes, they do not appear to be evolutionarily related and may not be true paralogs.

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Adding a histidine tag to E. coli and M. ruber proC.