Senior Inquiry: Biological Literature (BIOL-464)

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Student Paper

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Fall 10-29-2018



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America has become a sports empire over the past century. As the movie Concussion put it, the National Football League has single-handedly taken over the day that used to belong to the church–but this comes at a price. Chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE, is a life-altering disease associated with high impact and contact sports that has created a heated debate in our sports-driven society. A study published in 2017 discovered CTE in 177 of 202 former football players–or a staggering 87%. Why do the players continue to play in the NFL if their longevity and well-being are jeopardized? Why has the NFL not taken action to protect the athletes? This review, focused on American football, works to shed light on this serious and complex issue while approaching it from a multitude of intriguing and provoking angles.

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