BIOL-464 Senior Inquiry: Biological Literature

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Spring 5-13-2016


Agriculture | Biology | Community Health and Preventive Medicine | Environmental Health | Environmental Public Health | Health Services Research | Large or Food Animal and Equine Medicine | Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmaceutics | Medicine and Health Sciences | Other Animal Sciences | Public Health Education and Promotion

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Antibiotic use in livestock production has been around since the 1950s. Antibiotic feed is used in livestock and other meat producing animals for three reasons: illness prevention, illness treatment, and growth promotion. Unfortunately, since the time that antibiotics were first invented, antibiotic resistant bacteria have become a threat to public health. There are many studies showing methods of transmission of antibiotic resistance from livestock to humans. Antibiotic resistance can spread from livestock to soil, water, insects, and food, which ultimately comes into contact with humans. A proposed study to measure antibiotic resistance when eliminating antibiotic feed will provide a hypothesis and future research in hopes to track and eliminate the spread of antibiotic resistance from livestock to humans.

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