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The Arc of the Quad cities is an independent, non-profit organization that looks to help individuals with disabilities. The Arc’s key values are to respect, be committed to their individuals, make the initiative, have teamwork, be flexible, and to strive for excellence. They seek to help the individuals specifically that will not be able to live on their own in the future. The services they offer are day classes, employment classes, residential options, and community service programs. This organization is located in Rock Island, Illinois and is partnered with the community. According to our speakers, The Arc relies on funding from the community and their donations. The Arc is designed to meet a range of needs, due to the fact that there is a wide spectrum of that the Arc’s services and supports. (The Arc 2017)

The main focus of our research will be to investigate the community awareness and attitude towards those with special needs and the use of the word “retard”. We are also looking at the involvement in the Quad City community and their intentions to donate.

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