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Fall 8-24-2015

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Gendered Pronouns in the Classroom- Monday 8/24 4-5pm in Gävle Room 1

Last spring, the college community asserted that it will be inclusive of people of all genders. Since this affirmation, members of the campus community have requested professional development about the basic ideas in this discussion ("What is the difference between sex and gender?") as well as techniques for being inclusive ("How can I avoid misgendering a student or respond when others do?"). In this session, we will share foundational vocabulary, develop strategies for inclusion around gendered pronouns, and hold a Q&A with a couple of students about their experiences with gendered pronouns on campus.

An inclusive stance toward pronouns may need to start before the first class meeting. We have attached a template for a pre-course student survey that may help you be inclusive on Day 1.

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PreCourseStudentSurvey.docx (51 kB)
Precourse Student Information Survey