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Fall 9-25-2015

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The September 25, 2015 Center for Faculty Enrichment program was a GIFT session (Great Ideas For Teaching) focused on the theme of fostering Signature Work (SW). As defined by the AAC&U, "Signature Work" represents a culminating production by students that reflects each student's personal interests, builds on a student's unique experiences, integrates multiple components of a student's educational journey, and projects toward each student's personal goals. Presenters will share teaching strategies that can help prepare novice students to produce a future piece of SW or that can help experienced students identify a meaningful SW project and integrate prior learning into the project. Presenters include Anne Earel & Connie Ghinazzi (library support for SW), Mike Egan (service-learning and SW), Stephanie Fuhr (senior inquiry and SW), and Shara Stough (course projects and SW).

Additional Files:

Egan_FriCo2015.pdf (161 kB)
Egan Handout on Service-Learning

Stough_ FriCo2015.pdf (332 kB)
Stough Handout on Class Projects

Earel_Ghinazzi_The GIFT of Signature Work.pdf (276 kB)
Earel and Ghinazzi Handout on Library Support

Fuhr_CFE_GIFTSession_SignatureWork_2015.pdf (564 kB)
Fuhr Handout on Senior Inquiry in Biology