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Fall 9-10-2015

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Signature Work and the Core Curriculum - Thursday 9/10 4:30-5:30pm in the Wilson Center

What is the goal of a Liberal Arts education? The college's Mission is to prepare students for meaningful lives of service and leadership in a diverse and changing world, and the notion of "Vocation" asks students to seek the intersection of their skills, their interests, and the needs of their communities during and after college. On the national stage, the AAC&U is advocating for ALL students to have access to "Signature Work", in which they pose and explore problems important to themselves and the world.

The General Education committee and CFE see these overlapping goals as both challenging and ones to which the core curriculum does and must contribute deeply. However, some questions remain:

How does a Liberal Arts core curriculum contribute to the preparation for and execution of Signature Work, how is the core curriculum specific to Augustana supporting this work, and can we achieve even stronger outcomes for students within the structure of our curriculum?

In this session, we will discuss the notion of Signature Work from the AAC&U and at Augustana. We will share some of the narratives we tell about the core curriculum at the programmatic level, and we will develop some tools for connecting the work we do with students more explicitly to the larger goal of doing Signature Work.

Faculty teaching Learning Perspective (LP) and Suffix (D/G/Q) courses will particularly benefit from and contribute to this session. We also think that new faculty advisors will find this session helpful as they prepare to work with advisees.

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