Building Speech and Quantifying Complexity

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This document is the Index of Phonetic Complexity, the at-a-glance scoring system, terminology, instructions, & data forms to accompany Building Speech & Quantifying Complexity. To see the entire series, visit:

Building Speech & Quantifying Complexity is a dual approach to treating and evaluating articulatory complexity in child speech. It has two components: Building Speech and Quantifying Complexity. These two components can be used independently or together. When used together, the speech-language pathologist has a method for selecting goals and targets of varying levels of articulatory difficulty, plus a means for measuring changes in a child’s words, targeted and produced, at one point in time or over time.

The Building Speech & Quantifying Complexity materials include a manual, picture cards for each of the eight speech patterns, and worksheets for the Index of Phonetic Complexity. The manual provides speech-language pathologists with foundational information, so that they can individualize their assessments and interventions to meet the needs of the children on their caseloads with challenging speech sound disorders. It is not intended to be a lock-step program, but rather, an approach to be used creatively and flexibly by speech-language pathologists to address the needs of the individual children on their caseloads. Building Speech & Quantifying Complexity is designed to assess and treat speakers of American English, although the components can be adapted to fit the phonetics and phonology of other languages.