CSD-490 Senior Inquiry

Document Type

Student Paper

Publication Date

Spring 2016


Communication Sciences and Disorders

Description, Abstract, or Artist's Statement

With more college students going abroad to developing countries for research and service work, it is important to understand the possible benefits and harms that can occur during such an experience. When professors take their students abroad, they need to facilitate student learning to enhance benefits and lessen harms. Student reflection has proven to be a way to assess student learning; there needs to be an approach to assessing reflection during service learning experiences to ensure the effectiveness of an ethical experience. This study is a replication of a pilot study using a Service Learning Engagement Rubric to assess student writing. Students’ connections to various perspectives and levels of cognitive engagement were assessed before, during, and after their participation in a global service learning experience. Results show that student connections changed as a result of the experience, but further research needs to be completed to understand how the perspectives specifically changed as a result of the experience, as well as how to encourage students to make connections to high levels of cognitive engagement.