EDUC-399 Directed Study: Kindergarten Numeracy

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Student Paper

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Spring 2015


Education | Elementary Education and Teaching | Pre-Elementary, Early Childhood, Kindergarten Teacher Education | Science and Mathematics Education

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The Augustana/Longfellow Number Sense Project (NSP) is a collaborative action research project that was created to provide purposeful, individualized instruction for Longfellow’s kindergarteners and enhance the teacher education program at Augustana. During this program, we work with Kindergarten students on mathematical concepts and skills. Our lessons incorporate both hands-on materials and educational software into our lessons. As we became familiar with this software, we began to suggest ways we could improve the software as well as ideas for new applications designed to help meet needs the students encountered in the classroom. Because the students interacted with a variety of teaching tools, we became increasingly interested in when and how to appropriately implement these tools and strategies for early childhood numeracy. Thus, our research focus became how students learn through the use of technology compared to student learning through the use of manipualtives.

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