ENVR- 450 Senior Inquiry Seminar

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Student Paper

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Winter 2-16-2016


Environmental Sciences | Environmental Studies

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Urbanization is a global demographic trend that may have significant and detrimental effects on adjacent urban ecosystems. Lonicer Maackii (L. maackii), commonly referred to as Amur honeysuckle, is an invasive shrub that has invaded the remnant temperate hardwood forests of Rock Island County, IL. The goal of this study was to examine the effects of urbanization and urban soil properties on the degree of L. maackii invasion throughout this county next to the Mississippi river. Soil samples were tested at 36 forest sites for Soil Organic Matter and Soil texture. Linear regression models were ran on the results of these tests between L. maackii cover and other abiotic and biotic site variables. The results of this study indicate that there is no single driver of L. maackii invasion. However, specific soil properties and abiotic and biotic site variables may increase the likelihood of L. maackii establishment and dominance. Multiple properties and variables attributed to L. maackii cover identified in this study include % forest cover, % green and other open space, garbage levels, % impervious surface, % total urban canopy cover, total invasive cover, % clay soil texture, forest floor litter levels, and % slope. The identified properties and variables that may increase L. maackii establishment and dominance are associated with urban-related disturbances. Understanding the interaction between urban-related disturbances and L. maackii cover may allow for better land use planning and city management in the future.