Religion 203: Christian Ethics

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Student Paper

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Spring 3-2021


Bioethics and Medical Ethics

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This paper attempts to address the concern of rushing medications, specifically vaccines, to market during a global pandemic. The FDA has a very rigorous process that medications go through in order to be put on the market and while it is very effective in making medications safe, it takes a very long time to get that approval. During a widespread pandemic like COVID-19, access to a medication that would slow the spread of a virus would save countless lives and the economies of countries worldwide. This paper looks into the specific process the FDA uses to put medicine on the market, the pros and cons of rushing a specific medication to market when there is a global pandemic, experts in the medical field and their opinion on whether things should be rushed to market or not, and my own personal opinion on the matter regarding COVID-19 specifically.


1st Place Winner, 2021

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