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Student Paper

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Spring 2024


European History | Holocaust and Genocide Studies | Music

Description, Abstract, or Artist's Statement

As easy as it would be to begin this essay with a succinct “music is” statement (e.g. “music is life” or “music is power”), it would be akin to encapsulating the boundless expanse of the cosmos in a single photograph. It would fail to honor the immeasurable richness and complexity of the force which has transformed humanity from a group of disparate apes into a symphony of interconnected souls. For all of history, music has served as a means for humans to tap into and express the very things that make them human—their emotions, culture, and individual identities. Its profound impact was particularly evident during the Holocaust, where it provided victims and survivors with an indelible connection to their humanity and cultural roots when faced with the Nazis’ systematic efforts to eradicate the Jewish people and culture.


Honorable Mention Winner, 2024



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