FYH 102 - Transhumanism

Document Type

Student Paper

Publication Date

Spring 6-2-2023


Applied Ethics | Art and Design | Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

Description, Abstract, or Artist's Statement

This paper analyzes the impacts and implications of generative AI software on art and examines the ethics of using such tools. Through the argument that careless use of these tools presents a danger to the art world as they risk devaluing human expression, Gabrys states that “as what it means to be human changes with each generation, new artists express sentiment through their art. Art has the ability to tell us about the human experience.” He concludes that the use of AI tools takes the skill and sentiment of human artists out of the equation, begging the question: if the human element is removed from art, then what are we left telling ourselves about the human experience?


Tredway Library Prize Winner 2023