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How can librarians assess student learning in a way that is organic to the assignment and instruction session, yet gives results that are comparable across classes?

Performance Assessment is a qualitative method of assessment in which students demonstrate learning by completing specific tasks related to targeted learning outcomes. Performance Assessment encourages real-life application of skills and is well-suited to an information literacy program in which concepts carry more weight than the mechanics of searching.

The Augustana College instruction librarians use performance assessment to evaluate their work with a three-term sequence of required first-year general education classes (”Liberal Studies First Year” or LSFY). Replacing a fixed-choice, quantitative information literacy test, performance assessment has allowed the librarians to compare results across different assignments taught by different instructors in the LSFY sequence in order to identify -- and therefore address -- strengths and challenges in students’ research abilities.


Poster presented at the Association of College & Research Libraries’ 2013 Conference, Indiana Convention Center, Indianapolis, IN. 11 Apr. 2013.

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