GRD-425: Advanced Design Portfolio

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Winter 2-17-2016


Art and Design | Graphic Design | Interdisciplinary Arts and Media

Description, Abstract, or Artist's Statement

My graphic design instillation includes distressing flashing strobe lights, irritable sound effects, and the distorted text on 30x40 white poster boards. The entrance is intentionally uncomfortable to step into. The instillation begins in the dark and then the lights are turned on without warning; causing the distorted text to become even more blurry to read in the light. Essentially, it's a simulation on the irritability of microaggressions and oppressive language. Sometimes the instigator isn't even aware that what they said was wrong, tasteless, rude, and/or hurtful. Microaggressions and oppressive language start small, but they lead to larger systemic barriers that marginalized groups of people go through on a daily basis.


Prize Winner, 2016