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Summer 2016


Bioelectrical and Neuroengineering | Biomedical | Electrical and Computer Engineering | Molecular, Cellular, and Tissue Engineering | Physics

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Existing microscopy platforms allow analysis post-hoc, but not in real time. This is an issue in the world of Bioengineering because you are limited to performing further analysis on specimen. The aim of my research was to design a sophisticated system whereby information can be exchanged between the software which acquires images and software that analyzes the images immediately after acquisition. In this system, images would be acquired by the microscope and analyzed by customized scripts (MATLAB, Mathworks) in real time. Specifically, MATLAB would wait for new images to be saved on the hard drive, import these images, and perform image segmentation — that is, identify individual cells. This system would be essential for many applications; rare cancer cells could be further monitored or perturbed ontogenetically. Moreover, a fluorescent protein can be further examined based on brightness and photostability as a proof-of-principle that you can image multiple modalities, and can distinguish, at a single-cell level, between cells that express different fluorescent proteins.