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Puerto Rico has had an epidemic of Zika virus within the past few years. Considering the close distance to America, the U.S. has been up-to-date in stopping the spread of Zika from Puerto Rico to the states. In 2016 particularly, the United States declared Puerto Rico to be in a state of emergency due to the heavy presence of the virus. Although this specific outbreak has been terminated, the likelihood of another such occurrence is high, so it is important to learn about the effects of Zika and ways to prevent the spread. The major result of having the virus is within the fetal baby of the infected mother. Babies will be born with microcephaly, shrinkage of the head, which results in severe brain damage. Common groups of people affected include pregnant women, as well as women in general within any age group. Certain solutions to stop the virus include genetically-modified mosquitoes, contraceptive prevention kits, and vaccination. Not much has been put into effect yet, but a fix is in the making.