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Gabon is a country in West Africa that has a population of 1.8 million and is a relatively poor nation. It has had quite a few public health and political problems in the last couple of years. These problems include water and electricity shortages along with HIV/AIDS. HIV seems to be one of the biggest public health problems in Gabon at this moment. There is quite a bit of the population that is living with this virus. However, there are many people that are living with this virus but either do not understand the severity of it or just do not have the means to take it seriously. There are many issues with safe sexual contact along with the ability for certain groups of people getting the chance to even take a HIV test. The group that has the most chance of getting tested would be females. There have been campaigns that have tried to help educate others and even just research that has been done to see how safe people who have HIV have been in Gabon but there needs to be more to help the people of Gabon.