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PUBH-100: Global Issues in Public Health

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While every country around the world faces a form of public health issues, the issues that the country of Venezuela faces are different. Their public health problem is not a disease that can be solved by science, or a cure. It’s a problem that can only be solved by the people within the county itself. The country of Venezuela now lacks the proper medical supplies needed to help cure diseases and normal vaccinations, and the only ones to blame is their government. Because their government has now refused to pay their debts to the surrounding countries they have now lost their previous exchange trade. This has lead to Venezuela no longer receiving any supplies because they refuse to pay, leaving the citizens of their country helpless. Leaving millions helpless, the citizens of their country have began to rebel against the country in hopes that the government will hear their voices. Through marches, protests and other attempts, the citizens have been trying to have their voices heard, but up until this point they have been unsuccessful. Therefore, until the government of Venezuela will listen to the millions of voices within the country, the lack of medical supplies will continue to shrink while the spread of disease will continue to increase.