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Myanmar is an underdeveloped country that struggles with the problem of lack of medical access and expensive healthcare. The endemic of Malaria has been going on for several years in this country and many efforts have been made to try and decrease the Public Health issue. However, Myanmar still has the highest number of Malaria-related deaths. The Myanmar government is continuously working at improving the healthcare system to help with the Malaria endemic. However, the poor country still continues to struggle with this issue. The parasite, P. falciparum, has been an ongoing issue since it is resistant to the anti-malarial vaccines making the risk of contracting Malaria much higher. Symptoms of this disease are likely to be fatal if they are not addressed within a certain time period. With this disease affecting two-thirds of the population, a lagging healthcare system, and a lack of insecticide-treated nets, this makes Malaria a major concern in Myanmar.

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