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The Northern Mariana Islands consists of a group of Islands in the Pacific Ocean that are a United States commonwealth, meaning that they are technically a part of the United States and follow our government, which is a constitutional republic. This string of islands has had a problem with Hepatitis B in the past. This is a problem for all genders, and all ages, but is most common among drug users, diabetics, and individuals who engage in sexual acts with multiple partners. This illness attacks a person's bloodstream and can be serious enough to cause liver failure and extreme pain in the stomach and abdomen. A type of intervention that is used for this illness, and that has been proven effective is vaccinations, which have become so helpful that it has been shown to decrease risk close to 1%. These vaccinations are so useful, that they can create immunity to the disease in newborns if given less than 24 hours after birth. If younger generations in the Northern Mariana Islands were more informed about unprotected sex, as well as drug use, there could be a significant decline in Hepatitis B in these areas for future generations.

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