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Tonga is an Archipelago in the south Pacific Ocean, south of Samoa. The public health brief project is on chronic diseases in Tonga. The total population of Tonga was 107,122 in 2010. The Free Wesleyan Church of Tonga is the established religion in Tonga. Tongan’s make up the majority of the population but there are other ethnicities such as Euromericans and Europeans too. The major challenges faced by Tonga are decaying infrastructure, low economy, and political corruption. The widespread of non-communicable diseases such as cancer is a major health issue in Tonga. 74% of all adults in Tonga are the victim of these diseases. More than half of the total population is affected by the non-communicable diseases. There is no specific treatment available to cure non-communicable diseases. Vaccines and immunizations are ineffective against these diseases. However, certain measures can be taken to reduce the sufferings of the affected. Primary prevention should be the main aim to prevent chronic diseases. Most of the chronic diseases are incurable. Unhealthy diet, tobacco use, and physical inactivity are the essential causes of chronic diseases.

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