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Tanzania has a lot of issues going on in the community, but HIV/AIDS is the number one issue they are facing. Over 5% of their population has the HIV/Aids virus. There are many interventions that have been tried in Tanzania. In the last year there have been over 50,000 new cases of HIV/Aids in Tanzania. The goal is to main those numbers go down dramatically in the coming years. The two most common interventions are trying to educate this subject at a young age and provide condoms to the population. They tried giving condoms out to the people of Tanzania because sexual intercourse is the number one way it is transmitted in Tanzania. Two interventions that I thought of that would help slow the spread of HIV/Aids where the they could make it a requirement that kids get tested for the virus before they go to school and secondly, I thought that the police could educate and crack down on prostitution and how it spreads the virus.