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One of the major health problems in Seychelles, a cluster of islands off the coast of Eastern Africa, is diabetes. There are many different types of diabetes, but the most common type to this region is Type 2 diabetes. At this time Seychelles, and many other countries in Africa, have about half of the adult population diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Along with the diagnosis of diabetes being a problem, people in Seychelles often go undiagnosed for a while because they are ignorant to the risks and the symptoms of the disease. Only about 50% of the population with pre-diabetic symptoms are aware of their own symptoms, so they are unaware of the fact that they need to go to the doctor to get the medication they need. The biggest problem with this is that when diabetes goes untreated it can cause a whole list of other health problems that such as: heart disease, kidney failure, blindness and many more. In 2017, a petition went out to address the concern with the high number of Type 2 diabetes diagnoses and there has been great feedback so far. Many countries, like Seychelles, are still waiting for follow through from these organizations.

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