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The South Sudan is a country that recently gained independence from the Sudan after a bloody twenty year civil war. They lost nearly two million lives during the war, and are now ravaged by Tuberculosis, or TB. After gaining their independence in 2011, the South Sudan has an average of 18,000 cases of TB at any time. This would consider TB in the South Sudan an endemic, as it always has a base level of TB cases that does not vary. There is medication for TB that is available to the citizens on the South Sudan, but the prescription is a lengthy one, of nearly nine months. The under-education of the South Sudanese, in this sense, affects their ability to recover from TB, as they do not always follow through the entire treatment as they should. Tuberculosis tends to cause high fever, coughing, coughing of blood, chills, and chest pain. TB can be fatal if not treated properly. This write up will explain the geography of the South Sudan, and dive deeper into the TB endemic.

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