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Tuberculosis in the Gambia

This brief consists of some general information about Gambia, demographic information, the effects of tuberculosis in the country including the challenges brought forth by the disease, and some personal suggestions on the matter. From the general information on Gambia, we learn the location, political structure as well as major internal and external challenges faced by the country. Tuberculosis is one of the country’s major internal challenges in addition to its environmental and economic issues. Under the demographic information we get a broader idea of the Gambia people by looking at population demographic such as birth and death rate and religion distribution as well as the major ethnic groups. Through this brief we learn that tuberculosis is one of major infectious diseases that has caused a great deal of death and unnecessary pain in the Gambia. The document contains statistical data which displays the gravity of the issue. Additionally, the brief references studies conducted in Gambia regarding the medical issue. We also learn the way of identification as well as the challenges the country faces in terms of intervention. The personal suggestions consist of possible measures that the government could take in order to prevent and reduce the effect of tuberculosis on the Gambian people.

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