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The Central African Republic faces many social, economic, and wellness issues. The malaria endemic faced by the country is a leading cause of death and impacts a high percentage of the population. Social and political unrest, stemming from government corruption unveiled in 2012, have contributed to current issues, though the country has been unstable since gaining independence from France in the 1960s. Anarchy and rebellion in the region have heightened issues of violence and lack of much needed resources such as food and medicine. Food shortages are seen in this already malnourished area, and violent outbreaks have overturned some medical centers. These issues only worsen the malaria endemic plaguing the population. It has impacted over half of the population leading to fever, chills, anemia, damage to vital organs, and even death as it attacks red blood cells in the body. There have been many attempts to mitigate this major health concern (distributing netting, free medical care for those under 5 years old, etc.), but nothing effective thus far.

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