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French Polynesia, a country with very a tropical climate, consists of 118 islands in the middle of the ocean and they are all completely controlled by the nation of France. French Polynesia is a very different nation than most in a lot of ways. The aspects and culture of the people who live here are very different because they are mainly only influenced from people of neighboring islands. This place is also very interesting because of the past political corruption that has occurred, the very fluctuating economy and job market, a variety of religious beliefs, and the fact that they produce or grow most of their own goods and services. As for the country’s problem that they’re having to deal with, a very horrific virus is being transmitted through the bites of infected mosquitoes in the area. I talk about this virus being very common in tropical areas and climates like that of French Polynesia. For a large portion of the brief, I attempt to strongly enforce the dangers of the disease as well as some of the relating symptoms. In case anyone is worried that they might be infected by this virus or know of anyone who is having similar symptoms, a variety of different treatment options are discussed throughout as well as very important opinions from other researchers and scientists too.

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