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This public health brief investigates the concern of HIV/AIDS in Guinea-Bissau. Guinea-Bissau is a low-income country run by a semi-presidential government. The government has been very unstable since its formation. A variety of internal conflicts have limited the effectiveness of the government. As a result, there is little money to provide proper treatment for individuals with HIV/AIDS. It is important to get tested for this condition as soon as symptoms occur, but due to limited resources that is not always possible. Guinea-Bissau has a very high fertility rate compared to other countries worldwide, this allows for a high mother-to-child transmission rate for HIV/AIDS. In addition, sex trafficking has become an increased issue which further allows for the spread of this disease. Due to all the previous factors combined with little resources, HIV/AIDS is a health issue in dire need of attention. The most effective solutions would be those requiring no money and educate individuals on the disease.

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