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Bacterial Infections and Mycoses | Environmental Public Health | Epidemiology | Public Health

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Lebanon is a country that has always been tangled with the ever looming threat of a growing health crisis. With a failing government and massive influx of refugees, mostly the victim of their war torn economy, it seemed inevitable that sanitation procedures would run short. Now the Lebanese people and government face the challenge of the spread of Cholera, a water-borne disease, within the countries vicinity as a result of mass pollution from the formation of informal settlements as well as the country being a hotbed for political instability. These have resulted in limited success in controlling the outbreak engulfing the millions of refugees and general populace. While external powers such as the WHO have extended a hand in providing medical as well as financial assistance in counter reacting to the growing disease, an absolute solution to the problem has been largely stunted due to several socio-economic factors that have unfolded over the years as well as the rate of garbage disposal. However, as mentioned in my report I give one valid method of controlling the problem from spiralling out of control. This report will help in giving an easy insight into the current Public Health situation and ways in which it is/can be countered.

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