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Bermuda, a British island territory located in the remote North Atlantic, remains a serviceable country to its citizens. However, it still lacks a national healthcare system: marking it as a difficult country to live in. Despite acknowledging this issue, Bermudan officials have made few attempts to fix the problem. This, in turn, has made Bermuda the highest annual spender on health per capita in the world at $11,952. As such, the cost of living is rather high in Bermuda, sitting at a full 94.86% higher than the cost of living in the United States. All of this makes affording healthcare the main issue in Bermudan society. Attempts to fix the issue include requiring businesses to supply employees healthcare by law, however this is rather expensive, and it excludes foreigners (Bermuda is a massive tourist hub) as well as the 7% of the population that is unemployed. This paper will discuss the best solution for this crisis, as well as what the Bermuda Government must do to achieve this goal.

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