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Cardiovascular Diseases | Community Health and Preventive Medicine | Public Health

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Hungary faces many public health issues. In particular, cardiovascular disease has impacted the majority of the Hungarian people with a mortality rate of 50-60%. The high consumption of fattening food, excessive alcohol drinking, smoking habits and tobacco use impact the entire population’s health status. This disease impacts blood vessels and causes them to narrow or be blocked. This blockage causes blood flow from the heart to be suppressed which can cause heart attacks, strokes etc. Hungary has the highest amount of people with cardiovascular disease out of all European countries. The most impacted people are in the urban areas. This could be due to low education on health, governmental issues, financial or environmental disparities. The Hungarian government does however provide health care from taxes and funding which helps a majority of Hungarian people. There are ways to prevent cardiovascular disease by healthy eating, cholesterol testing, blood pressure screening and exercise. All of these elements will benefit the overall well-being of the individual which will benefit the entire population’s health status.

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