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Kenya is a country in Africa that has been dealing with the detrimental effects of HIV and AIDs. HIV/AIDs are a virus and a syndrome that affects a person’s immune system. It is spread through the sharing of bodily fluids (ex. blood, semen, etc.). HIV/AIDs is a known problem in Kenya, and although the numbers are declining it still affects a large percentage of the population. The spread of HIV/AIDs can be stopped through getting tested, using condoms, and education of what the disease is and how to stop it. Part of the reason it spreads, despite the multiple charities whose goal it is to stop HIV/AIDs is poverty. Half of Kenya lives in poverty. For those who live in poverty it can make it almost impossible to stop the spread as they cannot get information, may not have access to condoms, and cannot seek treatment as it can be too far and/or too expensive.

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