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PUBH-100: Global Issues in Public Health

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Greece is a country that has shaped the western world’s architecture, societies, and governments. They also seem to have some of the greatest internal issues of developed countries in the world with the recent refugee crisis stemming from the Middle East. Greece, a country which already experiences many financial issues, is left with a huge lack of resources and staff to accommodate even their own population. With the lack of health resources and nurses, many short-cuts have led to an unprecedented amount of infection related deaths from the country that created Western Civilization. This brief discusses the causes of these issues and the necessary assistance that world organizations should give, as well as problems that this crisis will cause for the people simply trying to receive medical aid within a hospital. Finally, it will explain some possible solutions that the country could implement in order to regain the trust of their health system and to control the financial and refugee problems that are suffocating the countries resources.

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