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PUBH-100: Global Issues in Public Health

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African Studies | Community Health and Preventive Medicine | Public Health | Public Health Education and Promotion

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South Africa is found in the southernmost part of the African continent. Over half of its 54.8 million people live in urban areas such as Johannesburg and Cape Town, which are the largest urban centers in the country. Some major challenges this country currently faces include the growing drug trade, border disputes, and racial tensions attributed to their history with the apartheid. When it comes to public health, one of their biggest challenges is the HIV/AIDS epidemic, which is currently the largest in the world. Although no cure exists yet, antiretroviral treatments (ARTs) have been highly successful for reducing transmission. Certain populations, such as gay men, sex workers, and drug users, have been identified as having a higher risk for contracting HIV/AIDS. However, many of these groups are often stigmatized, which creates social barriers for being diagnosed and treated. Multi-resource sites that provide a variety of products and services could be established near communities with high-HIV prevalences to make healthcare more accessible and minimize the stigma people feel when seeking out health resources.

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